What I see…

Since we’re a church that believes in being honest and open, let me just state the obvious.  The last few months at actionchurch have been difficult.  Trying to find a new venue has been comically difficult.  Add that to the “normal” difficulties and growing pains of a portable church that has been setting up and tearing down in a nightclub for over two years and it makes for less than smooth sailing. Many of our crowd and crew have been experiencing very difficult times in their lives.  As a leader I’ve been growing tired as I work what seems most times to be two full time jobs.  There were times that it just seemed “too much”.

I wanted to share with you what I saw this weekend that energized and encouraged me.  Things that make me know that WE WILL see the end of these difficult times…things that make me KNOW we will move past these times and have even greater success Loving God, Loving People, and Taking action in the future.

I saw actionchurch folks serving their community.  Ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things. I saw people putting their love for God, and their love for people into action!   You can check out some of the pics from Bill’s Brooks Huff eventhere.   Other actionchurch folks were independently serving at another community event in Lancaster county.  That’s why actionchurch exists.

I saw our teams do an incredible job making actionchurch run beautifully Sunday, even though many of our leaders were gone for the week.  Michele and Carrie were learning from a large church that meets in theatres in Washington DC.,  (Thanks NCC!)  yet hospitality and actionkidz went off without a hitch! (Thanks Mercedes!)  Josiah and Rachel were at a wedding in Florida, yet the toddlerz area and tech ran perfectly. (Thanks Tyler and Ryan!)   Garrett was also on a well deserved weekend in the mountains, and yet Sunday moved along on Schedule.  We have a GREAT crew members at actionchurch.  I saw a ministry Sunday that was not dependent on just a few “key” people.  We have LAYERS of talented, committed folks that make Sunday Morning happen.  I can’t thank you ALL enough.

I saw musicians that come to actionchurch do a great job pointing us to Jesus on Sunday.  At one time all the musical talent came from “outside” actionchurch.  Now many weeks we see people like the Guys and Gal from Thru-me who sit in the chairs most weeks, share their talents on stage on other weeks.  That is something to celebrate.

I saw a crowd of new and old friends this week…engaged and involved in not just attending church…but BEING a church.  That doesn’t just happen. 

I saw someone make a commitment to Christ that will forever change their life.  That’s why we do what we do.  That’s why the best is yet to come for actionchurch. 

That’s what I saw this weekend that encouraged and inspired me.  What about you?

6 And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.  Philippians 1:6

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