Some thoughts from Sunday@ the park.

I had a blast hanging out with actionchurch folks at John Rudy Park yesterday.  I think the experience was pretty symbolic of the “way things go” for us as a church.

Yes, it started out being about 1 degree cooler than the face of the sun with thunderstorms promised in the forecast.

Yes, it started pouring at 2pm and we had an honest to God tornado warning.  (We put the “fun” in funnel cloud!)

The beautiful thing was that in between 11am and 2pm, we had a perfect sunny opportunity to just hang out as a church and enjoy doing what followers of Jesus have always done…Share a meal together…and share stories of our lives.  I don’t think for a minute that Sunday was an “off” Sunday.  In fact it taking a day at the park for an “old-fashioned” church picnic may be one of the most important things we do all year.   Thanks so much to all of you who came out…I so enjoyed getting to know you all better.

Random fun stuff…

We don’t have many pics from Sunday because our photography ninja Garrett is taking a much deserved vacation.  There was SO much great food though…Pies, cookies, great pulled pork sandwiches  and beans with bacon and the list goes on an on…  The “lady cog-ga” sparkly cog cake by Millie Kemrer was amazing.  Who knew our logo could be so tasty? 

Thanks so much also to Kaylee Swanson and York Revolution for giving out tickets for the “Faith in our City” game on Thursday.

It was so bittersweet sending off Jeff  and Chrissie Compton as they move to Virginia along with their daughters Trinity and Faith.  The Comptons were the first childrens ministry directors when we launched at Fat Daddy’s Nightclub.  Every Sunday morning at 8am they would mop and clean the upstairs disco at the club and set up an amazing actionkidz area.  We could NOT have started actionchurch without their partnership.  Sunday we presented them with our “highest award”  (and a thank you gift card!).  I wish I had a picture of the mop that everyone signed and presented to the Comptons.  I’m pretty sure their mopping up the beer and ???? at Fat Daddy’s pretty much perfectly embodies what the Bible calls “servant leadership”.   We will miss the Comptons so much but I am sure that their story and the “ceremonial mop award” will live on for decades to come at actionchurch.

Here’s my contribution to the event.  It’s a little invention for keeping food cold at a picnic I like to call the “pool” table.   Yes,  it could be something directly out of a Jeff Foxworthy “you might be a redneck if” Joke.  Hi, My name is Don, I’m from Missouri and I love duct tape…   Shameful.

See ya next Sunday for the kick off of our “at the movies” series.   The movie this week is “The Blind Side” so if you haven’t seen it…check it out this week.

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  1. Hey Don, don’t be ashamed, thats just how creative us Missourians are!