Starting Sunday: "None of the Above"

Sunday morning at actionchurch we’ll be doing something we’ve never attempted before. Although that’s not unusual, what is unique is that we actually are testing it out in advance and you can help! During the “none of the above” series in June, we will be using Live polling on the Big screen during the service. You will be able to text simple keywords from your cell phone and immediately see your “voting” results on the stage as we ask you to join the conversation.

As Jerry so brilliantly pointed out on Sunday, Josiah often interupts me during my sermon.  What should we do with his mic on Sunday?  :-) Vote now.  Vote Sunday. We’ll see the results live after the music.  Help us test Live polling.   (I won’t tell you how I’ll be voting…)

Sunday we’ll be hearing some rock from A New Awakening from La Plata, MD.  I’ll be talking about how even though religion seems to offer only True or False answers to the Multiple Choice questions of life,  God has a “none of the above” answer for each of us!

Vote Now.  Join us Sunday morning at Club 19.  The answers will surprise you…

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