Sunday@actionchurch: Free Family Portraits.

During the month of  May at actionchurch we’ll be talking about FAMILY in “the Hood” sermon series.  To celebrate families  (and give Mom just what she wants for Mothers day)  were going to help you to SHOOT YOUR FAMILY!

Ok, maybe that didn’t come out exactly right…I’ll try again.  On Sundays in May our official photography Jedi, Garrett will be shooting family portraits before and after the Sunday services at club 19.  (starts @ 10 am Sunday Morning)   I’m not sure how Garrett managed to run faster than the speed of light and photograph himself with his family, but that’s him above with his (very photogenic) family.  On Sundays, you’ll be able to get a family portrait like the one above…with your own (very photogenic) family members of course :-)   After your fabulous photo session, we’ll provide you with a link where you can download your favorite photo files from the shoot all for one low price of ABSOLUTELY FREE. 

So this Sunday morning, show up early at club 19 to SHOOT YOUR FAMILY.  Make Mom happy on Mothers day.  Hook your friends up with a free family portrait.  .  And check out our musical guest this week,  Yesterday is Waiting.

See ya Sunday!

One thought on “Sunday@actionchurch: Free Family Portraits.

  1. I have a wireless thermal remote in my left hand hahaha but I also can run at the speed of light depending on how many cops/ purse snatcher are after me