The Hood

“Families are about love over coming emotional torture”  

Matt Groenig  (the Simpsons creator)

This month at actionchurch we’re gonna talk family.  All the “hoods” will be covered.  (Parenthood, childhood, fatherhood, motherhood, sisterhood, brotherhood,  familihood…okay I just made that last one up.)  

We’ll be talking about inspirational families in the Bible.  We’ll talk about weird families .  We’ll definitely talk about totally screwed up families in scripture that will make us feel better about our most dysfunctional relatives.   Most of all we’ll be talking about God’s plan for  all of the building block relationships that make up our families.

So Buckle up, we’re headed for “the hood.”  And go to the bathroom first…because we’re not stopping ’til we get there.

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