Dinner for 600 @ Relay for Life

Every year at Relay for Life one of the most powerful events happens “off the radar” for most of us.  When I think of Relay I think of the walkers, the teams, the music and fun…and yeah my aching feet.  (I’ve got to remember to bring something other that flip flops this year!)

On Friday night during Relay, the Survivor banquet is a time where Cancer survivors and caretakers are honored.  Each year they gather to share a catered meal and celebrate another year successfully battling cancer.  The cancer survivors and caretakers that gather for the banquet are the REASON the relay exists!

As I announced Sunday, we heard that this year the Survivor Banquet needed a sponsor.  It’s been a tough year(s) for all of us…and that certainly affects what people can give to charities such as the American Cancer Society.  

This year actionchurch will be sponsoring the Survivor banquet at Relay for life. (June 18-19)   We’ll be providing  (and serving) dinner for 600.  I can’t think of a more appropriate event for a church that is on a mission to Love God, Love people, and Take action, to sponsor.  The entire Banquet will cost $5/person or $3000.00 total.  We will still be asking actionchurch folks to join us in walking/serving at the relay, but our main fundraising focus this year will be to provide the banquet. 

Is it a big “ask” in a tough economy?  Absolutely.  Can we do it?  Absolutely.  Just as we managed to provide 550+ coats for the York City Schools before Christmas, we’ll do it one small donation at a time.  This Sunday we will be providing sponsorship card to ask our friends and coworkers to sponsor a plate at the banquet.  Just $5 provides a meaningful celebration for someone who has battled cancer for another year, or someone caring for a loved one with cancer.  

Thanks to all of you who donated Sunday for the Banquet.  Thanks to all of you who will use our sponsorship cards to raise donations for the event.  Thanks to all of you who are doing other creative things to raise funds (Jewelry parties , etc???)   

Dinner for 600…here we come.

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