Sunday Recap: Wheat and Weeds

This Sunday at actionchurch we talked about one of the most divisive and controversial aspects of Jesus’  teachings.  In the parable of the Wheat and the Weeds (Tares),  Jesus laid out a shocking scenario-we are all either part of the “wheat” , or we are “weeds”.  Wheat is the exponentially growing, life giving metaphor Jesus used to symbolize his kingdom plan for earth.  Weeds “take”.  They sap water and nutrients from the soil and give no edible harvest in return.  Wheat is harvested and celebrated.  Weeds are gathered and destroyed.

On of the toughest truths to teach is Jesus’ teachings of exclusivity.   We live in a society that says “Hey it’s great if you want to worship God and follow Jesus…just don’t try to tell me Jesus is the ONLY way…there have to be MANY paths to heaven.”   Jesus said   “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.”  (John 14:6)   Jesus claim was that he was the EXCLUSIVE way to God.  No exceptions.  No alternatives.   No equivication.  If  what Jesus said is true (as I believe it is) the most important decision we can make is whether to accept or reject his claim.  Jesus cannot be A PATH to Heaven.  He is either THE PATH…or the worst kind of LIAR.

TOUGH teaching today…but running TO difficult and controversial scriptures instead of away from them is the “actionchurch way”!

Eagle Scout

The guys from Eagle Scout on stage today.  It turns out that Josiah is personally friends with every talented band in the midwest. :-)  Great sound…and great to work with.

I told the story about Bill  working at the Multible Schlerosis walk instead of being in church today.  Bill is a big part of the actionchurch crew, but  the best way to Love God,and Love People…is to Take action!   I am proud to serve with people like Bill.

Another hard working crewman Dave, is on a well deserved vacation and is  at Texas Motor speedway today.  So sorry it rained :-( , I hope it’s beautiful tomorrow!  (I’m not jealous or anything. )

Due to having two guys and a gal on the crew out (Feel better Mercedes) and the newly married Josiah being “commanded” to take some time off to get settled into wedded bliss, we were seriously short handed today.  The amazing thing is that actionchurch folks stepped up today and we had absolutely NO PROBLEM getting everything set up and torn down at Club 19. Thanks Steve, Thanks Tyler, and  huge Thanks to everyone who pitched in.  All I can say is actionchurch folks are the best! 

Want to get to know other people better at actionchurch?  Want to become a leader?   Want to be part of a team that will do “anything legal” to let people know about Jesus?   Jump in.  Carry something Heavy.  :-)   Be part of the action.

Met several new folks today.  Everytime I meet a new person who just discovered that a place like a/c exists…it inspires me and motivates me to want to find even more ways to tell folks about actionchurch!  It matters…and it is worth it!

Gave out a bunch more yard signs today.  Keep it up!  Someone “blessed our home” with five of them…and two beautiful noel candles, while we were at church.  :-)  I guess I had that coming…

Great day at church, and I’m looking forward to next week as we celebrate communion together!

New actionkidz bounce getting broken in…

All photos Garrett Snyder…see more (here)

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