Sunday @ actionchurch

This Sunday at actionchurch we’ll be continuing the “Resurrection” series discussion of Jesus’ claim that his death, burial, and resurrection would spark a movement that would actually do “greater things” than he did during his time on earth.  If you’ve ever wondered-  “Do all religions lead to heaven?”  “Why are some things considered “sinful” or “evil”?  Who get’s to “decide” what’s wrong or right”?   you will not want to miss the discussion Sunday.   (Got a question, comment, or “disagreement” during the sermon?  Text it in and we’ll talk about it!)

Our musical guest this week is Eagle Scout from Greenville, Ill.  They are touring to support their new release ” New Hands”.  On Sunday I’ll also be dealing with the never ending theological question:  “Are Dandelions Evil?”  :-)

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    • Hey Georgette, services start at 11am at club 19, 1327 North Duke St. See ya there.