Invite, Invest, get Involved.

Here’s 8 (make that 9)  things that ANYONE can do to be part of the action:

1. Take our signs and stick ’em.  100 new actionchurch yard signs will arrive this week.  You could help put them up…and take them down so they don’t become litter.

2. Volunteer to be part of the new house band.  Musician/vocalist?  See Jerry or email about being a part of the new in house band. 

3.  Invite someone you know to actionchurch Sunday.  Put an invite card in a friends hand and tell them you’ll  meet them Sunday at club 19.  Over 100,000 people do NOT have a church they attend in York County.  Some of them are your friends…

4. Invest in actionchurch financially.  Yeah, I said it.  Even though we are volunteer led and “crazy thrifty” when it comes to cash…it takes money to make actionchurch happen each week.  Even small donations make a big difference.

5. Serve Some Spaghetti.   Bridge of Hope (combating homelessness among women/children of York) is having a fundraiser dinner on April 10th.  They need 8-10 servers for the event.  Want more info?  email

6. Invite folks you don’t know.  We need people to take a walk in their neighborhood…and the North York neighborhood around Club 19, and post door hangers that let our neighbors know that actionchurch exists…and that they are invited.

7.  Pray for the Crowd and Crew of actionchurch.  No, Prayer is not a “low energy” alternative to doing any of the above.  We value prayer and ask that you pray for strength, wisdom, protection, and grace for all of the actionchurch family.  It’s never been more important.

8.  Spread the word on Facebook.   Put in your profile. Link to something on the blog on your wall.  It’s simple…and powerful.

9.  Volunteer in actionkidz.  Love Children? Want to be part of the best part of actionchurch?  Apply for a volunteer position in actionkidz.

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