"Daily Bread"

 Unemployment is higher than most of us remember  in our working lifetime.  As a self-employed painting contractor, I pray every day that God will bless me with the work necessary to provide for my family.   Not a week goes by that someone at actionchurch doesn’t ask for prayer about keeping their current job or finding a new one. Everyone I know is talking about whether their job is “staying or going”.   Job INsecurity seems to be the new normal. 

 As uncomfortable as that is…as much as I may not like it…Job INsecurity probably is normal.

It was normal for our farming ancestors who never could be sure that rain would come or that storms or pests would stay away.

It was normal for their hunting ancestors who could never be sure if their day would end in a feast…or nothing.

It was normal for fishermen who left everything to follow Jesus.

It was obviously normal for Jesus when he taught his disciple to pray with these famous words.      “11Give us today our daily bread.”  Mathew 6:11

I am so glad we can still pray that prayer today…for ourselves…for our family and community.  No matter how INsecure we may feel with our employment future, we can be secure in knowing that God is STILL in the “Daily Bread” business.

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