This Sunday @ actionchurch: More Disaster

This Sunday we’ll continue talking about dealing with the disasters that come to us in life.  The question that all of us ask in a disaster is “Will someone come to rescue me”?  We ask: “Is Help on the way?”

The Bible includes hundreds of instances of God rescuing people from their disasters.  The questions remain though, “What can I expect?”  “Will God rescue me from my disaster?”  Sunday we’ll learn more about God’s “rescue policy” from Noah and his family.   Knowing whether to “swim for it” or “wait for the helicoptor” could be one of the most important decisions you will ever make… 

This week the Pledge returns to the actionchurch stage.   And don’t forget to (in the words of Cher) “turn back” time one hour on Saturday night. *Editors Note: Your clocks need to “Spring Forward”, please do not turn them back. Turning your clock back could result in a bunch of mini disasters as you start your work week which we do not want to be responsible for. SPRING FORWARD!! -Josiah   You do not want to miss Sunday

The Pledge

5 thoughts on “This Sunday @ actionchurch: More Disaster

  1. Spring AHEAD. Fall BEHIND. Turn your clocks forward gang! And Cher? Really Don….

  2. I am so upset with myself that I wasted an (always relevant) Cher reference on the wrong time change. Now I will have to wait MONTHS until I can recycle that really hilarious joke.

    Thanks for the corrections…and please, SPRING FORWARD!

    Additional wisdom: Remember to “lift with your back, not your legs”. :-)

  3. HAHAHHAHAHA you always give me a good laugh!!! I can’t wait to see you hilarious Joke in the fall!! On another not I’m SOOOOO excited to see The Pledge on stage!!! whooo hooo! :)

  4. Ok sorry last comment and it’s supposed to be on another “note” I drank mountain dew and apparently it made me slightly dysfunctional! (I spell checked this before I sent it)