Why NOT to name a sermon series "Disaster"

After church Sunday someone asked if we could maybe call the next sermon series “the most wonderfully-perfect-life-ever”?  It seems that they had been having a week filled with disaster and thought maybe it was “my fault”.  :-) 

We definitely had our share of little “disasters” on Sunday morning…but I’ve come to believe ANY day that you can gather to celebrate the God who rescues is a good day.   I am so thankful for everyone who made it out to serve  and be part of the Sunday, even after losing an hour of sleep to the dreaded “spring forward”. 

Yeah, we had equipment problems…everywhere.  Both in actionkidz and out front.

Yeah I spilled a steaming FULL cup of coffee in my lap right before the service started.  (Nothing better than a big wet stain on the “crotchal area” of your jeans when you’re about ready to preach)  :-)

Here’s the good news for anyone going through “disaster” right now…and yes, I know some of you are going through things that are SO MUCH worse than any of the little inconveniences we worked through Sunday.  Just like in the story of Noah,  God is still in control.  God still specializes in doing the impossible to rescue his people.  Even though God does NOT often do “helicopter rescues” that pluck us instantly out of our disasters, God has a 100% SUCCESS rate if we will be obedient.  “Do all you know to do, and let God handle the rest”. 

Maybe the most important aspect of the story of Noah…   ”  Noah did everything just as God commanded him”.  Genesis 6:22

Nice to have the pledge back with us at actionchurch.  At one point when Jen played bass on the last song they consisted of two married couples…  As I said last week, the family that rocks together…

I heard that my 6 year old LOL’d when I made my “Shem, Ham, and Japheth” Joke.   It turns out that 6 year olds LOVE my “Ham Humor”  :-)  Maybe I’ve found my niche…

Really digging answering the “redirect” questions after the sermon.  Keep it up!  If something sparks your curiosity or doesn’t “make sense”-speak up.   or…TXT up!?

As I said Sunday we need your help to spread the word about actionchurch in York County.  We have some upcoming projects that we can not accomplish with out your help. Nothing complicated…No bull-horns or sidewalk preachers needed :-) …but there are several practical ways you can help us Love God, Love people, and Take action.

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