Seven is harder than one…


We’re finishing up the “Seven is greater than one” series this week.  I’m taking one more swing on Sunday morning at encouraging everyone to follow Jesus EVERYDAY.    No “compartments”.  No hold outs.   It’s a concept that could change everything about the world we all live in…and I struggle with it everyday!

The whole “turning the other cheek” thing is a lot easier to do in the church parking lot than when you’ve been wronged in a business deal.  For some reason I find it more difficult to trust that God “knows what he’s doing” :-) when it comes to my family finances,  than when it comes to him providing for his church.  When you decide that you will follow Jesus in every area of your life it’s much easier to start to see unmistakable signs that God is in control…but there are also then so many more opportunities to wonder why God has not chosen to “send help”. 

Seven is greater than one.   I can’t find any “part-time followers of Jesus wanted” advertisements in scripture.  Seven is also “harder” than one.  Much harder.  It’s the most difficult and rewarding thing in life to decide to tune in to the Good Shepherds voice and ignore all others.   If you’re struggling with that, I just wanted to let you know that I’m struggling with you.  We all are.

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