I enjoy Garrett’s photo recap of actionchurch each week.  You can  follow along here.   

This photo made me realize something.  More people are involved in putting away the chairs after the service each Sunday than participated in launching our first services at Fat Daddy’s Nightclub.  Seriously.  

Relationship + Risk = Trust   (providing the one you are taking the risk with is trustworthy!)   

In spite of all my struggles with FOLLOWING Jesus (seven truly is harder than one) I trust God because I have seen him prove to be trustworthy in the most “risky” situations.  The few of us that were part of the initial launch services will never forget how God provided and prepared the way for actionchurch to launch.  A few more people remember walking into Club 19 for the first time…remember how amazing it was that God had provided a place so perfect (down to the colors) for us to meet.   More risk-more trust.   Even more of us who were part of last years Extreme Christmas Makeover remember how scary and amazing the event turned out to be as our little crowd completely changed the life of a single mom and her two kids.  Even more risk- even more trust. 

I’m looking forward to what God has next for us as a church.  Not because I know what’s going to happen…or because I am a “man of steel’ who is never afraid.  I am excited because I see a great opportunity for even more of us to experience risk and uncertainty…to build trust…with the Good Shepherd.   (Pretty much what this whole following Jesus thing is all about.)

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