Pepsi Rebrand

Pepsi recently did a rebrand for their soda line. I personally love the redesign, and I have found myself on multiple occasions buying the cola because I think it looks “cooler” than Coke. (I know… very lame)

I believe that actionchurch is currently rebranding.  The Church (body of believers) has in the past mistaken rebranding as changing its product, or trying to be more hip. Coca-Cola tried changing it’s recipe a few years ago and look where that got them.  Pepsi instead has refocused and reinforced their image. actionchurch started in a bar, the “watering hole” of our generation.  We branded ourselves as a “church for people who don’t like church”.  That is our brand, what we are known for. We want to live as Jesus lived, not just practice the “Christian religion”.

This coming year one of our big focuses will be on community. We want to create a place where people can depend on each other, and share in life’s drama.  You don’t need to watch One Tree Hill to be entertained. Come share some time with me and watch the drama unfold between MY girlfriend and I. In reality, Pepsi didn’t change much. The tweaked some of their colors, spun their logo around, and changed some typefaces. This was enough to help refocus and grow stronger. The best way for actionchurch’s brand to continue to grow stronger is for there to be a community engrossed with Jesus and his teachings behind it.

Hang out with your friends. Let people merge in front of you. Pay poor college kids tuition (just kidding). Think about somebody else, and actually do something unexpectedly nice for them. Get to know somebody at actionchurch, or finally introduce yourself to that next door neighbor who you have lived next to for 5 years. I am personally sooo pumped to start/join a Halo 3 actiongroup. Let’s refocus, and spend some time in community this year. If you need some help or inspiration, go read some of Don’s old blog entries, or check out actionchurch’s History for more direction.

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