the "action underground"


We’ve been talking a lot lately about “small groups”.  About building community at actionchurch.  Josiah mentioned it yesterday…if you missed the discussion  you can also read about it here or here.

I have no doubt that God’s plan for us as a church in the coming years is to grow “deeper”.   Not “deeper” in the sense of necessarily “more” knowledge (becoming bible trivia masters is not our primary goal).   Not “deeper” in the sense of becoming humorless and “churchy”.  (If you hate the fact that we used a Step Brothers clip in the service on Sunday…keep hatin’…laughing at dumb stuff is part of our DNA…and just wait ’til you see the dumb stuff we do this week.)  I think God wants us to go and grow “deeper” as a church in relationships…in building a community that serves those “inside” and “outside” of the church…in living out the teachings of Jesus-Together.  Deeper in the sense of playing the game of life (as I will talk about Sunday)  in “multi-player” mode.   I think the coming small groups will be a big part of “going deeper”.

If Sunday morning is the “tip” of the iceberg…then the community we will develop will the the “part below the surface”…the much larger part.  If you think of actionchurch as a growing tree, the community created in small groups will be the “roots”… the “underground”, but so necessary part of the tree that provides nourishment, connection, and keeps it standing.  

It struck me yesterday that maybe we should call small groups at actionchurch- the”action underground“.  The “movement” behind the “revolution”…the roots beneath the surface…the “wind beneath my wings”.  Ok, maybe not the last part…

Let me know what you think.  I appreciate all the input that you all are giving about groups. Thank you all so much.  Keep it coming…I definitely see leaders rising up to lead this “underground” movement.   What a novel idea…community forming out of …and being lead by…the community.

3 thoughts on “the "action underground"

  1. Don, I think this will be a great thing. It is easy to meet and talk with folks on Sunday but it is harder “do life” together during the week unless we make a point to get together. I think it is essential to know what’s going on with everyone during the week so we can help and pray for each other. This is also a great way to find out ways we can serve the community. Someone always knows someone who needs help or whatever in there own neighbors and friends. Keep up the good work

    Don and everyone at Actionchurch. God is good!

  2. love the idea of small groups, especially since action church has people from different area’s like york, lancaster, ect…. It is important to have “roots” and people can have a sense of comfort knowing that there are other’s going on this journey with them. good roots, sucessfull fruit for others.
    watching people grow is amazing
    all about the outreach community!
    !! action underground !!