Yesterday I started a discussion about  “small groups” starting during the week at actionchurch.  (if you missed it go there).

So what would “actiongroups” do?

Have fun…hang out…get to know people in an environment outside church.   Fun is important…if it’s a chore or obligation it will fail!

Discuss questions raised Sunday morning in a small open environment.   (example: this week we would have discussed what it means to give “no strings attached”)

Celebrate Communion…old school…with fellow followers of Jesus…with either grapejuice or (gasp!) wine depending on the group.

Help those (outside) in the community.  I envision actiongroups taking on small projects as a group to help people they are personally connected to outside of actionchurch.

Help each other.   Visit each other if someone is in the hospital.  Network to find a job for an unemployed member.  In short…become “extended family” …a “gang”…a “tribe”…help each other “get through life” together. 

What would “actiongroups”  look like?

“Affinity Groups”   actiongroups would be made up of people who share like interests.   They could be made up of “20 something” gamers.  (Halo group anyone?)  Young families…empty nesters…Harley riders…moped riders…groups of people with common interests.

Free Market”-   We have no plans to “assign” anyone to an actiongroup.  We will help groups “advertise” their existance…we will design a system to “refer” interested people to groups that might “fit” them…but everyone will be free to chose to attend…or not attend the group of their choice.  …kinda like church on Sunday morning.

“Mobile”   actiongroups could “happen” over lunch at starbucks…at a local bar or restaurant…at someones home.   We never want to base leading an actiongroup on whether someone has a sweet “MTV Cribs” style mansion to host it in…they can happen anywhere.

Transformational vs Informational”   Like actionchurch on Sunday mornings I envision discussions and honest questioning leading to “learning”…but actiongroups will never be primarily “Bible Studies”.  


So that’s the “framework” for what actiongroups would “look like”.  Questions? Comments? Ideas?

3 thoughts on “"actiongroups"

  1. I am totally on board. More bars in more places right? There are certainly a crap load of questions to be thought about and some brainstorming to be done. Let’s do it.

  2. oh and i heard about this guy who makes a community garden and donates all the food to the homeless and he takes volunteers to help tend it…maybe we could help with that?