Txt Tuesday


It’s Txt Tuesday…and it is “on like Donkey Kong” this week.  (I’m not even sure what that means…)   I loved the txt survey that Josiah did to find out which of the “four” valentines day cards all you ladies got…sounds like the men of actionchurch went “serious” this year.

Txt :   Will we do more things like the “Extreme Christmas Makeover” in the future?

Don:   Abso-freakin-lutely!   (Missed out on the action? –here’s a link to the Makeover.)   Since our core value is to give “no strings attached” as we grow larger and have more resources you will see more efforts like the makeover instead of less.  (We don’t “give” to attract new people to actionchurch…we attract more people to church so we can give “bigger”)   Our next big “push” as a church will come after Easter when we are going to do the RELAY FOR LIFE in an all-out actionchurch way!

Txt :  If the one that wronged u is not near, is it okay to do for a stranger or a non-profit in their behalf instead of giving to them?

Don:  I know this is in response to Jesus saying in Luke 6 that we should “turn the other cheek” and lend to those who will not repay us.  The unfortunate part about being “wronged” is that many times it cannot be “made right” (here on earth at least).  Many times we can’t even respond to the person who has wronged us in forgiveness and mercy due to distance, death etc.  The most important thing (since God is the one keeping score) is that we forgive in our heart…that we truly let that person “off the hook”.  If there is no way to let that person know…I think it would be perfectly fine to do for someone else.   If  however, you feel like you should pick up the phone and let someone know they are forgiven and loved…”no strings attached”…be obedient and do it…no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

Txt :   I got a card with “coupons” for things i want/need on a daily basis.  ie.  a day of doing whatever I want.

Don:  We asked women to txt in what kind of Valentines Day card they got…so this txt is from a woman.  An observation:   How come women’s “coupon” cards always are for things like shopping…or spending the day AWAY from the man?   Men’s cards with “coupons” usually are filled with coupons for “time together”…or “scrapbooking” as I like to call it…just sayin???

Txt :  Don’s jacket is lovely today!

Don:  It was “lovely”…”dashing” even…I think we’ll stop right there for the week.

One thought on “Txt Tuesday

  1. I really enjoyed helping out in actionkidz, but I’m really upset I missed out on Don’s Jacket LOL just kidding! Have a good week.