Wedding Vows…


I “did” a wedding on Saturday.  I know what you’re thinking…I said it too.  But they actually attended actionchurch and “knew what they were getting into” when they asked me to be the preacher for their wedding.

It didn’t “make the cut” for Sunday but I think one of the greatest examples of giving with “no strings attached” as we talked about Sunday is found in the wedding vows.  Now you might be thinking, “wait a minute…I can’t think of anything with more strings attached than marriage”.  But the truth of the matter is that marriage is a covenant promise (a promise before God)…not a contract.  

In a contract people seek to “protect” themselves by “putting it in writing”…by laying out the terms and conditions of their “relationship”.  A contract says “If you will-I will”…”If you don’t-I won’t”.    A covenant promise like the ones found in wedding vows are something entirely different…the opposite if you will.  Wedding vows say I promise to love you…to be with you…in sickness and in health…for better or worse…no conditions…not “contracts”…no matter what.

If you’re married or planning to be married, I can’t think of a better way of  put the teachings of Jesus into action than loving our spouses “no strings attached”.  To give without expecting…to forgive past and future wrongs unconditionally.  If you’re a “recovering idiot” like me…the fact that your spouse cares for you with “no strings attached” also- may just be the greatest gift you will ever experience this side of Heaven!

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