Election Day…

So it’s election day…and I want to challenge all of you to pray. Nope, I’m not just urging you to pray that “my guy” or “your guy” gets elected.

  • Let’s pray for wisdom for Whoever gets elected. (It’s not like we can move to Mars if things don’t go well in the USA- I want whoever wins to “govern well”)
  • Let’s pray that the Church (actionchurch in particular) can become an example of people of very different political ideals and cultures coming together to worship God and serve others! (kinda like they managed to do in the Book of Acts.)
  • Let’s pray that God will show us how to advance God’s kingdom plan for earth in whatever political/economical climate exists.
  • Let’s pray for all those who will be disappointed by this election…whether their candidate didn’t win…or won and wasn’t able to “make all their dreams come true”… Let’s pray for the disappointed and the hopeless…that they will find real hope-in the Creator who is never “up for election”.

Thanks to Micheal Buckingham (Holy Cow Creative) for open sourcing the “prayed and voted” graphic…

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