Happy Holidays…

Ok, I know Halloween was just Friday…and it’s not exactly Christmas Eve yet…but it seems like when it turns November the rest of the year just vanishes. So for “all ye faithful” (a little Christmas Carol Humor) blog readers, here’s a preview of actionchurch through the holiday season.

November 9: (this Sunday-Torn from Red on stage) We kick off the “mindset” series and take up a special offering to help feed people at the York Rescue Mission. Even though we just mentioned that we would be having the special giving opportunity next Sunday, people were already giving in advance…way to go actionchurch.

November 23: Special service to kick off our “Extreme Christmas Makeover” for a needy family in York County. actionchurch may not be able to make every ones Christmas “Merry” in York County…but for one family…it will mean everything.

December 7: Kicking off our “At the movies-Christmas edition” series. If you enjoyed the “at the movies” series this summer…we’re going to have even more fun this December, as we talk about the messages you may have never noticed in some of your favorite Christmas movies.

December 21: Final Service of the Year…ac allstars on stage…lots of “Merry Christmas and to all a good night” for everyone.

December 28: No Sunday morning service. actionchurch is made up of volunteers…to show our appreciation to all our volunteers who work so hard during the year to make actionchurch happen, there will never be services held on the final Sunday of the year (between Christmas and New years Day). Enjoy your family, play with your new Christmas toys…If you feel the need to attend church…attend one of the many good Churches in the York area.

January 4th: actionchurch ’09 kickoff!

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