Sunday Recap: "In God we Trust?" Pt 3

Today was the final week of the “In God we Trust” sermon series. I talked about how God is not “worrying” in heaven about the outcome of this election. In Good times and Bad times…during times of freedom and during horribly oppressive regimes…God has been more than capable of advancing his plan for History. The big question for us as Christians is do we trust God?… or Government? Are we willing to do the hard work of “teaching right and wrong” and “making God’s law our own” (Psalm 37:30-31) Or are we going to try to “use” government to legislate and enforce our values on others. Whether it’s the “right” trying to legislate and enforce moral values…or the “left” trying to legislate and enforce “generousity” to help the poor the result is the same. Laws and regulations do NOT change people’s hearts… Good people can disagree on what is the right path for our country…but I think it’s time the church stops getting “used” by politicians for power and money. As for actionchurch…we will be in the business of advancing the kingdom by serving our community and “making Jesus famous”…not boycotting stuff or supporting political parties.

The Highlights:

  • I announced today that we were going to be taking up a special offering next week for the York Rescue mission for their thanksgiving dinner. People already gave $110.00 this week… way to go. It costs only 2.36/person for the York Rescue mission to feed someone thankgiving dinner. I want to challenge everyone to give up a drink…skip purchasing a snack or meal…so that everyone can be part of helping those that have less than we are blessed with this thanksgiving.
  • It was “country day” at actionchurch today. It was amazing to watch the ac allstars…the same band that just performed an amazing classic rock set in September…transform into a great country band. Lynn nailed “Jesus take the wheel” and Jerry sang “You’re gonna miss this” by Trace Adkins spot on. I’m always amazed by the talent and versatilty of these guys! (and gal)
  • actionkidz is looking amazing! I Karie, Susan, and crew have transformed a “deisel” garage stall into a really first rate childrens program. I am more impressed every week by what they are coming up with.
  • Lynn and Steve from the “allstars” thought I might be “missing” the giant Buddha in the audience over at Fat Daddy’s… so they brought me a Buddha statue, holding a guitar with a actionchurch logo on it. Too funny!
  • Club 19 is really starting to “feel like home”… Even though the transition was a lot of work…it has so been worth it. We still have stuff to work on but the new venue is great.
  • The “Toddler Bus” was in place but part of the equipment to send an live video and audio signal to it didn’t come in…hopefully it will be fully operational by next week.
  • I plugged the heater for the bus in the same circuit as our video system…not such a great plan since it kept blowing the breaker…Live and learn.
  • …Finally got the “VW bus entertainment center” delivered to actionkidz today. I strapped it carefully in the back of my truck (pictured above)…drove slowly and carefully to the club…and then forgot to mention how top-heavy it was, so we managed to flip it over and drop it while unloading it. I was amazed that it put only a tiny chip in the paint. What can I say…old buses are tough!
  • I can’t say enough how grateful I am to EVERYONE that works so hard to make actionchurch possible…you all are truly “action heroes”!
  • The next seven weeks between now and Christmas(can you believe it?) are going to be highly exciting…I can’t wait to see what happens next…

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