actionchurch and Red Bull.

Nope, actionchurch and Red Bull is not a new mixed drink. I’ve been thinking about something I read over on Ben Arments Blog about how more than half of people who try Red Bull hate the taste…yet in spite of that they’ve “created an entirely new beverage niche in what is now a $1.3 billion industry.” It turns out that the “other half” that does like Red Bull is a pretty huge number of people.

If actionchurch had a “marketing plan” I think it would be a lot like Red Bull’s. Be intense, deliver a “unique taste experience”, create a “rush”, wake people up…hey we even sponsor a race car. Even if lots of people “hate our taste”(or lack of it), and find the experience “too loud” or “too intense”…the good news is that the “other half” of people who don’t like church have been waiting for some “new energy” to arrive… Drink up.

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