Stuff I couldn't possibly need…but still want.

So, I’m preaching this week on what Jesus taught about our finances…and I run across this sweet custom pool table made from a VW bus on the web for seriously eight grand! And you know what? Even though I have been reading scriptures about “being content with what you have” for weeks…I still wanted it! Not gonna buy it…can’t afford it…but still wanted it.

So what did Jesus teach about finances and “stuff”? Are we supposed to deny ourselves all material pleasures and live in a “van down by the river”? Or, does God want us to be “rich” as some TV “preachers” say…(if only we’ll send a large donation to them.) Is it somewhere “in between”? I’ll give you a hint, I don’t think I’m supposed to buy an $8000.00 pool table no matter how sweet it is! Other than that, the answers might surprise you!

“The Game of Life” starts Sunday…good luck getting that “wacka-wacka” Pac-man sound out of your head.

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