"Wreckers or Checkers"

I heard one of my favorite nascar sayings during the Bristol race yesterday…”It’s going to be wreckers or checkers in two laps”. A quick translation for you unfortunate souls who “don’t get nascar“. Translation: This driver is going to either need a wrecker- of take the checkered flag and win the race. Like my hero Dale Earnhardt often said…Second place is just the first loser.
I love that… That’s the way I want actionchurch to be. Always “going for the win”. Never holding back. Not trying to “maintain position” or play it safe…
In spite of what some people might think, we are not competing against other Churches for the “win”. We are competing against a society that says Jesus was “a nice teacher” and the church is irrelevant. Lives are at stake. Checkers or Wreckers all the way.

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