New sermon series starts sunday…

… how’s that for a tongue twister?
I’m really excited to be starting a new series Sunday. The ironic thing is that this has been one of those weeks that I would have gladly “traded” for an “ordinary”, “common” life. What a nightmare… (Ever had a week like that?)

I am resolved never to “fake it” when I preach at actionchurch… Never act like I “have it all together” when I am conveying truth from God’s word. God is not “cooperating” with my prayers” to miraculously make everything great so that I can preach about how serving Jesus is all “fireworks, cherry pies, and puppy dogs”. …instead I am discovering that what you “know” at the end of a week where everything is not turning out the way you planned…is what you truly believe. It should be interesting.

Now go enjoy your “extra” leap year day.

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