Look who's in the boat!

I love this post from my friend Mike Silliman. As difficult as it is to admit that I often doubt and worry like the disciples…it’s encouraging to know that God never changes and he will continue to be in control in spite of us being “fatheads”! Thanks Mike!

Mike wrote:

“I was reading Mark 8:14-21. Take a minute and read it before you read on.It’s amazing to me how quickly the disciples forgot what Jesus did with a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish. Not just once, but two separate times. They are in the boat with the one that fed 9,000 men + all the woman and children. There had to be at least 27,000 people in total that Jesus fed with just 12 loaves of bread. If that wasn’t amazing enough for you…there was 19 loaves left over. There was more bread left over than what they started with! …And the disciples were worried that they only had one loaf of bread between the few of them! Are you kidding me?It’s easy to look at the disciples and criticize them for being fatheads, as I sit here and worry about my personal finances, our church budget, hundreds of details, and wonder how I’m gonna make things work.Guess what…I’m not gonna make things work, but I’m in the boat with the creator of the universe and everything in it! I think He can manage…what do you think?”

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