There’s a line at the end of Pee Wee’s big adventure where Pee Wee says ” I don’t have to watch the movie, I lived it…” I fully admit that I should be on some sort of Homeland Security watch list for remembering that line…but it reminds me of the new sermon series we will start on Sunday. I feel like I have been “living” the Re-th(ink) series for the last two years. I have struggled and “re-thought” my perceptions about Jesus, the Church, the Bible, and Satan, relentlessly.

We all have perceptions about how “things should be”. They are based on our past experiences and relationships. Our perceptions “get under our skin” and become part of us. I am looking forward not to simply telling people “what to think”, what “I” think, or even “what the Bible says to think”… instead I will be raising some new possibilities and challenging some common perceptions about some very important issues… I actually hope to raise some brand new questions for everyone who attends.
Because the only thing harder to change than your tattoo…is your perceptions!

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