Elk Creek Church-action heroes!

I just got an email yesterday from my friend Mike Silliman over at Elk Creek Church. It seems that their four month old church plant is putting actionchurch in their budget for monthly support in 2008. (link) These guys never cease to amaze me. They are truly “action heroes”!

To be honest when we started out I never thought we would receive anything but disapproval and criticism from churches. I was wrong about that. Elk Creek is a great example of a church that not only cares about people disenfranchised by religion…they care about them even if they will never attend their church…even if they don’t live in their area!

I’m thankful for churches like Elk Creek. Not just for their generosity, (although I really appreciate that!) but also for the example they set and they encouragement that they are. It reminds me that we are certainly not alone…we are just a tiny part of a great movement that is rising up everywhere…Churches looking outward instead of inward… doing good instead of just “looking” good…putting the teachings of Jesus into action!

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