"Easy" Church

It’s Sunday morning and we’ll be heading off to church in a couple of hours. (weather permitting.) I was just thinking about the difference between this week and last week when we had our first “Test Drive” gathering at the club.

This week:

  • We don’t have to be concerned with the weather…or if anyone shows up.
  • I’m still sitting at my computer…we were already at the club this time last week.
  • I can sit back and listen to someone who is a much better communicator than I am…I’m not constantly rehearsing in my brain what I will say this morning.
  • I don’t have to ask my family and friends to spend hours setting up the club for church…we’ll just show up and walk in.
  • I’m not worried about whether the video works correctly…
  • …church will be an easy, enjoyable, uplifting experience…no fuss, no muss. My biggest concern will be finding a good parking spot.

As I read even this short list I realize that we must be “a little crazy” to leave the “ease” of going to church to struggle to create a church for people who are “lost”, “let down” or just “looking.” This morning I am thankful for the “holy insanity” of actionchurch. …thankful for my family (especially Michele) and the sacrifices they make. … and so thankful for the growing handful of “action heroes” who are somehow are “crazy” enough to buy into the dream and make it happen. Somehow…I can’t wait to do it again!

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