Big ASK wrap-up

I’m truly blown-away by how all of you responded to Sarah’s list of needs for her Honduran Orphans during our “BigASKlist” project that ended on Sunday.  You will NOT want to miss Kenna’s announcement of the final results and totals this Sunday.  I’ve “peeked” at the results…and it’s amazing…

In the mean-time, even though phase one of this project is complete, there are a some things we can all still do.

1.  Pray for Sarah and her father as they transport all the items and supplies in the “bigASKtruck” to Alabama this weekend.

2.  You could check out Sarahs Blog:  I loved reading this week how your acts of faith, in cooperation with generous folks at other churches, served to build her faith that God CAN and WILL provide for her needs.

3.  Be there Sunday (9/30)  as we get to hear from Sarah in person during the service. (and you will have a chance to meet her afterwards)

4. Support Sarah financially.  actionchurch will be providing support on a monthly basis to Sarah and her girls.   Your weekly donations make that (and the support of other local ministries) possible.  Want to give a financial gift directly to Sarah?  Here’s a link to her website. 

Thank you all again.  I can’t wait to celebrate with all of you who gave so much…in such a short amount of time!!!


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