“Further, Faster”

We “borrow” (church word for steal) a lot of ideas about small groups from Pastor Andy Stanley and Northpoint Community Church in Georgia. I’m fine with revealing that, since Andy is the closest thing “church world” has to a Jedi Master. We talk about moving people from “rows to circles”. We say that because we truly believe that what happens in the “rows” on Sunday morning is important, but what is learned in the “circles” of an actiongroup is even more life-changing.  Andy also says OFTEN that small groups will allow you to go “further, faster” than simply attending church on Sundays.  I know that to be 100% true…

I’ve been a member of the #aFIT actiongroup started by Darin Boling for the past two weeks.   We meet at 6:30 am (you read that correctly) at the park for an hour of cross fit -meets- bootcamp-meets-the most torturous gym class you still remember from high school.  (The one where the coach was angry because someone egged his car.)  The group is made up of predominately 40+ year old “vintage” men, and we’re doing push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc. and actually (GASP) running before most of us even want to be AWAKE on a weekend morning.   I love it.  I’m surprised to be writing this…but I’m so glad I joined.

Here’s some things I KNOW about actiongroups:

1.  There IS a group that “fits” you…and if there’s not…you probably should start one.  (BTW Darin’s group is GROWING even though it meets before the sun comes up)

2.  You will NOT want to join…but you will be glad you did.  Seriously.  Even if you feel like throwing up afterwards.  (Probably not applicable to the other actiongroups…hopefully.)  :-)

3.  You will get to know and share with other actionchurch folks in a way that NEVER will happen on Sunday morning.

4.  Leadership will be developed and recognized.  (I’ve been so impressed with the leadership Darin has shown since the start of the #aFIT group.  Want to be developed as a leader at actionchurch?  Serve in an actiongroup.)

5.  You will go “further, faster”…just like the wise Mr. Stanley often says.  I have run/jogged/whimpered/wheezed further in the last two saturday mornings than I have in the past 25 years since my last high-school gym class.  I am NOT a runner.  I don’t even like to walk fast. BUT…because of the guys at #aFIT, I keep going.  There are guys in the class that are SLIGHTLY slower…there are those that are so much faster that we secretly suspect them of doping, but TOGETHER we are all heading toward a fitness goal FURTHER and FASTER than I would have ever imagined.

Where do you need to go in your life?  How can we help you get further, faster with the help of others in an actiongroup?



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