Behind the scenes 2009

I realized a couple of things while looking back at 2009 by reading the blog posts from last year.  One, the pictures definitely got better when Garrett got his camera and I stopped posting grainy cell phone pics.  (above is a behind the scenes shot of  how I  “old-man-tech” my Bible each week so I can read it under the club lighting).  I also realized that many of our greatest moments this year came during the most difficult circumstances.   

Relay for Life 2009– The  down economy hit everyone hard in early 2009…especially actionchurch.  We were not sure how we could “afford” to take on projects like relay…so we just “did”.  actionchurch folks responded and we were ‘”everywhere” at Relay 2009.  

The Week we just all went to the park… It rained all week…including during set up on Sunday.  And yeah…catering a BBQ lunch for a couple hundred people, while paying rent on the club…and did I mention NOT taking an offering seemed a little dumb.  It was a great Sunny day…and exactly the right thing to do as a church.  We plan to take a day @ the park next year as well!

Bring your chair to church day.  Ok, this one didn’t take any great faith…except that maybe Josiah was not insane for suggesting it…but I was “wrong” and it was fun.  :-)

The week we gave away the offering   Only one month after the @ the park Sunday…I was the “hold-out” on the idea…but on the way to the club on that Sunday morning I clearly “knew” that we should give away what ever we took in that day.  I’m so glad I got out of the way…God has provided for our church in SO many ways in 2009.

The time we went from being “homeless” as a church…to having our rent lowered.    Nuff said.   Still looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.  Steve (club owner) has been so generous to us…and I still believe the “next” actionchurch venue is going to be even more amazing.  God is Good.

The “impossible” goal of donating 500 coats to York County School children. I’m still amazed.

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