Year in Review…

This morning I spent some time browsing through all the posts this year on the actionchurch blog.  I wanted to be reminded of all the things that had happened this year.  Things that went “right”.  Things that went terribly “wrong”.  Times when I “predicted” in Faith that God would “come through”…times that I had it all wrong when it came to knowing how a situation would turn out.  After reading hundreds of posts and recaps from 2009, I am left with the knowledge that God is truly still at work in our world…and if we will just trust him (even when we don’t know the outcome)…we can depend on him to do things that are absolutely impossible using our own abilities and knowledge.

At some point this week the website will be going down for a complete extreme makeover, but in the meantime I will be linking to some posts from this past year that remind me that God is in control…and I am not!   

Here’s an example :   God is not going out of Business!  -In early March, in the midst of all the economic uncertainty and worry,  I wrote about what I was depending on for our church…and my family.   Wow did those words prove to be true.  Tomorrow I’ll post some examples of  how God has provided for us…and how we have been able to pass that on to others…in ways I couldn’t have imagined when I wrote those words.

What are some “examples” from your life in 2009 of providing for you in ways you could not have anticipated?

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