God is not "Going out of Business"!


Like everyone else,  I’m concerned about the economy.  As a painting contractor I make my living working in construction- which has been hit as hard or harder than any other sector in the economy.  I pastor a one year old “very non-profit” :-) church that operates entirely on the free-will generosity of people who have also been hit very hard by tough economic times.   I’m not worried.

I didn’t say I wasn’t concerned.  I didn’t say I’m not preparing and saving for the future.  But I’m not worried…and if you are a follower of Jesus…if you are putting his teachings into action in your life, work, or business…I don’t think you should be either.  

God is not “Going out of Business”.   His principles and commands still work.  If you seek first the kingdom of God…all the other things will still be “added” to you.   If we trust God with our finances, he is still able and willing to still make sure we have “more than enough”.    As I’ve said many times before, It isn’t “magic”…giving on Sunday doesn’t automatically mean that you “get” on Payday.  But even in these very difficult financial times I see the people that are following the teachings of Jesus being blessed.  I talk to people with businesses that seek to serve people first-not just try to separate people from their cash-actually being “up” in down times.   Families who have been faithful and generous in good times are still able to continue that generosity to others even in hard times.  The qualities that Jesus taught…service, honesty, generosity,  sacrifice…are not “going out of style” in hard times…they are more important than ever!

I certainly don’t think I have all the “financial” answers… but what I am trusting…what I am depending on for my family, and our actionchurch family.  Is that God’s words are true…his plan for living is powerful and practical…and when all the other things we have trusted in over the years “fall”, God will still “stand”.   God is not going out of Business…in fact, I think that his stock is just beginning to “rise”!

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