Sunday Recap: "BYCTC"


Today was the first and last annual “BYCTC”. (what all the cool kids call “Bring your chair to church” Sunday) at actionchurch.  I’m not exactly sure what adjective to use to describe this Sunday but “fun” and “ridiculous” certainly comes to mind. (Funiculous???)  I’ll say it, Josiah was right…I was wrong… actionchurch folks are crazy enough to lug furniture with them on Sunday morning.   :-)    It was silly, it was “chill”, it was so very “actionchurch”.

Today we talked about yet another reason to chill-to not worry because God is in control.   God has a “meal plan”.  He is our provider.  If we find ourselves in the “desert” like the Israelite people did in Exodus 16,  a place where providing for ourselves is completely outside of our resources and ability…God WILL provide for his people.  ‘Just the right time…just enough…in ways that you could not predict or imagine…God provides for his people. 


Thanks so much to Jerry D  for sharing his story about how God provided for his family to make a generous gift of the table and chair set during our Extreme Christmas Makeover event.   Jerry shared the story with me in confidence back in December…even though he did not want any “credit” …I’m thankful he agreed to share the story with us all.  God is still in the providing business if we will act in faith and do what he asks!

Speaking of Jerry…his “all-stars” absolutely owned “Chill” at ac today.  Yes today the set list included the Young Rascals, Cheryl Crow, Alanis, and Steppenwolf…yes Steppenwolf.  Too bad we can’t include the Jams on the podcasts due to copyright issues.  Really an outstanding Sunday musically…

Great to be back after a week off.

Great to “snuggle” on a couch with Josiah during announcements :-)


 I’m worried about “Bring your cat to church Sunday”

…loved hanging with the great actionchurch crew!

Check out the pics of “BYCTC”.   Don’t forget actionchurch is @ the park next week!



2 thoughts on “Sunday Recap: "BYCTC"

  1. I must add that the AC Allstars in my opinion sure captured the “chill” with their selection of songs, and brought down the house with their closing song. You guys were awesome!

  2. Absolutely! Great cover of Magic Carpet ride. These guys always amaze me what they can play.