Bring Your Chair To Church

Josiah's sofa

Josiah's sofa he will be bringing^

A couple weeks ago at the Relay for Life, Don and I were brainstorming about what the Chill series would look like. It was late, or early, depending on which way you look at it. And maybe we were still fighting off the brain freeze we had from having way too many free snow cones. We decided that the best way for people to “Chill” was for them to be sitting in their own chairs. Nothing against our sweet setup of chairs and tables, but I know some mornings at actionchurch I wish we could have “Bring Your Bed To Church” day…

So this Sunday, bring your favorite chair to “chill” in. If you want to bring something more on the outrageous side of things, and you out shine everybody else, I will buy you lunch. *Sectional sofas are always a great idea… Or if you just want to bring that extra comfy recliner, or rocking chair that is just as good. We have got the A.C All-stars on stage, and Don will be talking (not from his jacuzzi) about another way we can trust God and just chill.

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