This Sunday- a la carte finale!

This Sunday is the final week of the a la carte sermon series, and we’ll use it to “lab test” what we’ve learned so far by discussing what God thinks about Marriage, Sex & Gender.  One of my most important goals as a pastor is to NEVER waste anyone’s time on Sunday morning by answering questions that no one is asking.  However, due to the “ripped from the headlines” nature of this topic (and the way too many discussions we’ve all had with friends and family about who should share a bathroom over the last few weeks:-) I fully understand that this week’s topic is a tricky one…   So… this week I’ve prayerfully AND thoughtfully studied the scriptures as usual.  I’ve done my homework.  This Sunday , however, I’ll show up and deliver the most honest answers I can come up with from my preparation, AND because I want to make sure that you have a chance to clarify anything I might say that you find disagreeable or confusing, I’m going to join Bill and Denise in the “ask us anything” area after the service.  I hope to see you there!



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