Free Refills

Dave Preaching

I had to smile when the person behind the counter at the movie theater, who handed me  my $6 “bucket of Diet Pepsi”, reminded me that I could bring it back during movie for “Free Refills.”  I know that’s their way of adding percieved value to a really expensive soft drink…but I wonder if ANYONE EVER comes back for seconds?   No matter what, as long as your kidneys can take it, the bottomless bucket of soda ensures you are NEVER going to run out of refreshment during the show.

I find the Bible to be a lot like the bottomless bucket of Soda.  It simply NEVER runs out of new inspiration, new instruction, new refreshment for our minds and soul.  Last week I was fortunate enough to preach my 9th Easter Service at actionchurch.  I ALWAYS think that there is nothing left to learn about the story of the Resurrection of Jesus.  Each year I think there isn’t possibly any detail or lesson that I haven’t covered in the past…I am ALWAYS WRONG!  The same goes for the Christmas Story…EVERY YEAR.  Next Sunday we are starting a brand new Sermon Series called “Murder One”.  It’s the story of Cain and Abel…a story of the first murder case.  I THOUGHT I knew all there was to learn from the story…as usual…I WAS WRONG.  The Bible is simply a BOTTOMLESS source of instruction, inspiration, examples of faith and failure, and guidance.   It NEVER ceases to surprise me.

I hope you join us as we continue to search and enjoy new refreshment AND direction from the Bible every Sunday morning.  I’m very excited that now we can offer even more “bible-ey goodness” on Tuesday nights at 6:30 as Dave Kerrison leads us through the Bible in an even more interactive way.   The Bible is amazing.  The longer I study it, the MORE sure I become that we will NEVER get to the “bottom” of it,

Free Refills.  Always.

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