Footprints (In the Snow)

Snow dayOne of the things that you never really think about until you get slammed with over two feet of snow in a blizzard, is that walking in the snow is really difficult.  Here’s a couple of things I learned from trudging through the snow last week that I think are actually valuable lessons for life.

  • It pays to plan your path.  When the weather is nice, most of the time I just randomly walk from place to place while trying not to run into a tree as I look down at my phone.  When there’s over two feet of snow, and waist-high drifts, it’s amazing how much more attention I paid to taking the best route. I’m pretty sure thats not a bad idea for life in general.
  • If some one is going your way, walk in their foot steps.   Learn from others.  Find a mentor.  Save “steps” by listening to people who have already done the things you want to do.  If there’s a path already started to the place you want to go…use it!
  • The more times you travel a path, the easier it becomes.   Not easy…but definitely easier.  It’s amazing how much energy you can save in the snow by traveling repeatedly down the same path.  Packing down the snow.  Creating a trail.  The same is true for good habits…and consistent living in general.  It’s never “easy” to do the best things…but the more you do them…the more consistent you are…the easier they become.

So, that’s what learned from my footprints in the snow.  Hope there’s something helpful that you can use.  Unfortunately though, unlike the ever popular “footprints in the sand” poem, although there were many times that there were only one set of footprints in the snow…Jesus never stopped by to carry me.  :-)  YMMV

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