Just One

Snow Day

Last Sunday was officially the lowest attended actionchurch service ever.  Just one.  (Actually two, if you count me… we were actually closed because of the the snow…and Josiah had a great plan to stream the sermon (it’s here if you missed it)…but for the purpose of illustration lets say the total attendance was just one last week. :-)   

I think this is actually a great opportunity to talk about church attendance. Inevitably when ever I talk about this subject, who ever missed the week prior thinks its a talk about them.  Since EVERYONE was missing last week, NO ONE can possibly think this is directed at them personally :-)  Let me start by telling you two things that you will rarely hear from a pastor.  Missing one service isn’t a big deal…nothing bad will happen…you probably won’t even notice a difference in your week.  Here’s another truth.  Attending one service isn’t a big deal either…one Sunday morning in church probably won’t change your life…and probably won’t make much of a difference in how you live the following week.

It’s much like skipping a workout at the gym…one won’t hurt…and one single workout by itself isn’t much help.

Here’s the thing EVERYONE who USED TO go to the gym, or USED be out of shape but are now IN GREAT SHAPE knows:  JUST ONE missed workout can be the start of completely punching out on fitness-and JUST ONE trip to the gym can be the start of a completely new fitness lifestyle!   JUST ONE time is actually that important…it can change everything!

Snow storms happen.  Stuff comes up.  It’s a 24-7 culture and there’s LOTS of things you could do on Sunday morning rather than attend church.  It never feels like “just one week” will matter.  I just wanted to remind you that because people attend actionchurch ALMOST   every week we are able to serve others all over our community.  (BTW you can bring your donations for Ronald McDonald house  patients this Sunday).   Because you make actionchurch your destination on Sunday mornings, we are able to provide an environment where your kids will love to learn about Jesus, a place that welcomes your friends and family members who are not “church people”, and a  place where you can share life with others attempting to live a life that matters as well.  All of this is possible because you show up…and all it really takes to become part of the action…or sadly miss out on having a church family to share life with…is JUST ONE week.

See ya Sunday!

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