Building use policy


One thing that is new to us as a church is that after nearly seven years of being a portable church in temporary facilities, we now have a full-time 24-7 venue to call home.  We are grateful both for the generous donation of the facility, and the financial and sweat equity donations of actionchurch folks for it’s renovation. One thing that comes along with having a church building, is a building-use policy.  Ours is a little different than most (and my apologies to the leaders and folks who have already heard this talk too many times :-), but I think it would be helpful for EVERYONE to understand the how and why of our philosophy. -Don

Church Buildings are a lot like Pick up trucks…

it’s great to own one…but as soon as you do…you find out there are LOTS of folks who would like to use it. (and…eventually you have to decide who CAN and who CAN’T borrow it.)  We are beyond grateful to even have a permanent building, but as a church we have to make the same decisions.  Our very FIRST decision was to NOT RENT our facility.  It was a gift given to us…and we will LOAN IT FREE OF CHARGE to others, just have we have done with ALL other actionchurch property given to us over the years.  That is not to say that anyone who asks is handed the key to our venue, just as you would not flip the keys of your pickup truck to anyone and everyone who asks.  Here’s a few things you should know-

We’ll need to know and trust you.   We’re a growing church…so everyone won’t personally know everyone…but just like you wouldn’t loan your truck to a complete stranger…we’ll want to know who we are trusting with the people of actionchurch’s facility.   And, just like a pickup, if you borrow it…you’re responsible for it’s care…no matter who you have at your party or event.

Return it like you got it.  We don’t have a paid staff to clean and repair our facility…so just like your dad’s Silverado, you need to return it clean and in good repair…dishes washed and trash taken out…lights off and heat or air-conditioning turned back down etc.  We’ll give you detailed instructions to make it simple, and unlike your dad, we don’t expect you to fill the tank before your return it.  :-)

Church services are first priority.   The number one purpose of our facility is to hold church services, small group meetings, and any other gathering we can think of that will make Jesus famous in our community.  If your event conflicts, or potentially makes it more difficult to do the normal “business” of the church, it’s probably going to be a “no”.  And, because our sound, lighting, and video equipment that we use for Sunday services are complex and easily damaged, we’re going to make sure they are working and adjusted for Sunday mornings by keeping them off limits.   I once had someone ask to borrow my work van (filled with all my tools, paint, and supplies) during work hours to move some furniture…Believe it or not, I had to say “NO.”   The same principle applies to the church building.

Not every event will be approved.  Just like owning a pickup truck, being blessed with a great facility means that there will more requests than can be met.  There will be scheduling conflicts.  There will also be events and activities that we quite frankly don’t think are a good “fit” for our facility…things that we don’t think are wise…things that we don’t chose to support.  This will NEVER be about trying to keep you from renting or borrowing someone else’s “pickup” for anything you chose to do..but we do reserve the right to not loan you ours.

Bottom line, we’re thrilled to have our great-big-beautiful-to-us-but-a-little-rusty-on-the-surface 11,000 square foot “pickup truck”.  It’s a huge blessing to us, we are grateful to everyone who made it possible, and we want to serve others and share it with as many of you as possible…  If you have any questions or would like to request a date for your event,  please contact Matt Burr at



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