“Every skilled person to whom the Lord has given skill and ability….(is) to do the work just as the Lord has commanded.” Exodus 36:1

Three years ago today after Super Storm Sandy devastated our neighbors in New York and New Jersey, I was literally trying to talk myself OUT of a job. I wrestled with God about this “job” assignment for quite a while. I was certain He had chosen the wrong person. I even thought about faking a sick day so someone else would get “promoted”. When I divided the paper into two columns – PRO/CON – there were tons of reasons NOT to take the job and only one reason on the PRO side….God was tugging on my heart and calling me to accept the position.

Years later it is apparent that resumes were not required for actioncorp – because mine would have had these four bullet points:
Clueless – unable to set clear goals
Decided LACK of skill set needed
NO experience
Priorities not in order

Vividly I remember being completely clueless. I would answer every question from the team with “I don’t know” or ” I’m not sure….I’ll check.” Heck! I wasn’t even sure I knew how to get to New Jersey…..let alone how I was going to get nine other people there.

I had absolutely no experience in a natural disaster zone and everyone who has ever worked with me knows I always get to hold the dummy end of the tape measure. Power tools (scare me) are not my forte…..not even great with the old fashioned manual type, if you really must know.

And the timing in my life couldn’t have been worse – the kids were too young to care for themselves if I went away. My husband was having medical issues that made even normal days challenging. It was a holiday – and trust me! I NEEDED a holiday!…..and the list goes on and on.

Long story short – actioncorp began with a trip to New Jersey to aide with the disaster that was Superstorm Sandy. I learned a lot about myself, my relationship with God and my “resume” that weekend.

I learned that God doesn’t ask us to have all the answers. The quicker we realize that He is in control – the easier the job He assigns us becomes. When God calls, the only answer we really need is “Yes, Lord.” Corny – but true.

I learned that God is more interested in the skills we DO have, than the skills we think we lack. I’m not very physically strong. I suck at math. I’m not mechanically inclined. But – I am a GREAT listener. I’m an organizer. I’m compassionate and caring. And in the end – those were really the only skills that I did need as I interacted with the families whose lives had been devastated by the hurricane.

And, I learned that when we put God first – everything works out just fine. Yeah, I had to call in reinforcements to help at home in my absence….but everyone survived (relatively) unscathed and in the end God blessed me way more that holiday than I ever imagined possible.

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