Don’t Back up. Don’t Back Down.


We know that all of you poured your blood, sweat and tears into 36 W. 11th Avenue. It simply blows me away to see all that you accomplished as a team. We know that you contributed your nights and your weekends and your valuable assets to open the doors of our building on schedule. You worked for it. You earned it. You have the right to be proud of the miraculous transformation.

BUT – now. Now we get to show York County what actionchurch is really made of. It’s time to take everything we have and pour it back into the community. That’s the only way we know.

“Don’t back up. Don’t back down.

Full throttle, wide open. You get tired and you don’t show it.

Dig a little deeper when you think you can’t dig no more.

That’s the only way I know.”

Jason Aldean – The Only Way I Know


THIS. This is how we approach every event, every project, every mission at actionchurch. It IS the only way we know. (And – just as a side note – It is really, REALLY time for a country song to be the background music for our Relay for Life video. Just sayin’.)

THIS – was how ac4northyork became a reality. And THIS – is how we are going to make Relay for Life 2015 a life changing event for cancer survivors in our community. Full throttle. Wide open. We are asking you to dig deeper; to serve longer; to love harder than you ever imagined you could. It is our greatest wish that every single one of you would choose to experience RFL2015.

So – buy a t-shirt (or two or three)…..give up your entire weekend……come out and lift some heavy stuff, walk all night, get tired, drink some coffee….dig deeper…….and be a part of something greater than yourself.

“…..through love serve one another.” Gal 5:13


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