At the movies- 2014


Meeting at a movie theater has lots of advantages:  giant screen, comfy seats, plenty of cup holders, and even hot butter machines if you just can’t make it through a service without a delicious cup of melted-butter-product. However, this August, we’re taking it even further.  All month we will be discussing common stories taken from recent movie releases…today’s parables…to illustrate the still powerful truths about God found in the Bible.

Below is the schedule for the month of August so that you can watch the movies in advance if you wish. For even more fun, gather your FRAMILY and watch the movies in advance TOGETHER.  Also, you can follow along each week in a special section of of free actionchurch ios/android app.  ****DOWNLOAD HERE*****   We’ve got a great line-up of moves this year.  Something for everyone to love…and hate…let it go! :-)

August 3rd-Gravity

Secret Life of Walter Mitty

August 10th-Secret Life of Walter Mitty


August 17th-Frozen


August 24th-Divergent

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