On a first name basis…

Relay Group

“I assure you: The one who believes in me will also do the works that I do…..” John 14:12

So, actionchurch wrapped up week four of the Nameless series AND Relay for Life 2014 with a fantastic sleepless sermon and a time lapse faceless video. (And amazingly enough, it worked!)  It worked because a bunch of nameless individuals came together as a team. And everything that we did as a church pointed toward Jesus – not towards ourselves. But I have to tell you – without strong leaders guiding the way during an event like Relay for Life we could never have carried out God’s plan in such a successful way. These leaders serve because they love God and they love people. They never seek, nor expect recognition, but I think they need to be mentioned (and thanked) at least, on a first name basis:
Gretchen: Is not only a cancer survivor herself, but she is also our incredible liaison with the American Cancer Society. There are a myriad of details that go into the coordination of actionchurch’s involvement in this event and we couldn’t have carried it off without her. Thank you, Gretchen.

Kevin: Our extraordinary set up and demolition crews are led by Kevin who has the staggering job of unifying the entire set up and dismantle of the whole event. It’s pretty much a heavy lifting, sweaty, thankless job and Kevin carries it off with no complaints whatsoever. Thank you, Kevin.

Rick: There just aren’t words to describe the quality (and quantity) of the hearty and healthy FABULOUS crew food prepared by our very own Chef Bull! You out did yourself AGAIN this year! Thank you, Rick.

Rachel and Josiah: This amazing couple worked for months in advance, behind the scenes to make sure we had all the supplies we needed to carry out a project of this magnitude. Rachel single handedly keeps me sane – I pray she never leaves me. And Josiah works for countless hours to make the videos that we all enjoy – in ADDITION to supervising the shaved ice/popcorn operation throughout the entire event. Thank you, Rachel and Josiah.

Rachel K, Rachel S, Missy, Tesha and Gina: To the girls who make dinner such an astonishing event within an event – when the circus tent transforms into a breathtaking dinner venue I am always astounded. You make it possible to show God’s love – in a SPECTACULAR way – to the survivors and their caregivers. Thank you, ladies.

Johnny and Rachel: How did we ever survive Relay before the coffee bar? This cute couple make the coffee hut the most happening place to be with a CONTINUOUS supply of Starbucks coffee. Thanks, Rachel and Johnny.

Allison: This girl takes organization to a whole new level. She has a mind for details and a heart for serving and ever since she took over the early morning participant breakfast it has been running like clockwork. Thank you, Allison.

Marian: What is a marathon without 24 hours of continuously walking in circles? Marian has a knack for making walking in the rain, 100 degree heat or dead of night – fun and rewarding. She takes motivation to a new level. Thank you, Marian.

Don and Michele:  Mr. and Mrs. Actionchurch – without you there wouldn’t even be a church to attempt such an AWE-INSPIRING event like Relay for Life. I don’t think there are words to thank you enough. You have my personal and heartfelt gratitude for making RFL possible.

And to the 120+ other individuals – (the babies and the toddlers, the actionkidz, the teens and tweens, the singles, couples and families) – many, many, many, MANY thanks for another successful Relay for Life. Because of ALL of you, we were able – as a team, to love God, love people and take action.

“You’re the God who makes things happen;you showed everyone what you can do”  Psalm 77:14 (MSG)

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