What’s it gonna take…?

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actionkidz football- RFL 2013

TEAMWORK!…..My children will be mortified as I once again, embarrass them AND grossly date myself telling you that one of their favorite shows as little boys included a turtle, a fuzzy duck and a guinea pig in a superman cape. (If you are under the age of 50 – you can google Disney’s Wonder Pets).

The show featured three animated, but normal, ordinary classroom pets who – each episode somehow managed to escape the confines of their various pens/coops. Once they were free from their cages they combined their talents to rescue other animals. One of them would make the call to action – “What’s it gonna take……?” and the others would answer “TEAMWORK!” Bizarre, I know – but hang with me a minute.

Anyway – last year we began to identify normal, ordinary people at actionchurch who we felt could be great leaders. In and of themselves, the talents they displayed might not have seemed so extraordinary. Things like cooking, or setting up tents, taking out the trash or doing crafts with kids are normal everyday things. But we KNEW that if we combined our talents and God would add His blessings, we could do AMAZING things. Things that we do at Relay for Life – like feeding 400 cancer survivors a full sit down dinner or giving away thousands of sno-cones and free Starbucks coffee.

I feel like our little group of normal (relatively speaking), ordinary actionchurchers who combine their talents at Relay for Life are kind of like the Wonder Pets….(is this getting weirder – or is it just me?) Oh! It’s weird – and I have the 2:00 a.m. video to prove it – and it’s fun and it’s hard and it’s probably one of the most gratifying things you will ever do in your lifetime.

Please plan to come out and join the Wonder Team on June 20th and 21st for this year’s Relay for Life held at the York County School of Technology. Walking begins at 1:00 p.m – rain or shine

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