White boarding the Bible

Whiteboarding the Bible

It was a simple plan, really.  All we wanted to do was re-tell the entire mega narrative of the Bible in four weeks.  I proposed that we do it in reverse…from Revelation to Genesis…and Josiah created an adorable smiling VCR tape character to remind us all to “REWIND”.  Steve Warrington came up with  four  brilliantly simple questions that would move us through the narrative each week.  Perfectly simple so far, right?  Then, “as it happened” apple updated their keynote app, the one we use on Sunday mornings, with a new ability to highlight on screen.  Even Better!!!  I decided that now I would be able to “white board” the story of the  Bible, from trees in the Garden of Eden, to the “tree” on calvary, to the final two tree’s of Life mentioned in New Jerusalem (Revelation 22).

If you were there Sunday you KNOW that it didn’t work out that well actually… :-)   (I knew I was in trouble when the flashes from everyone’s camera phones started popping as my shaking hands drew unintelligible shapes on my iPad.)   Some really funny tweets followed.  (I think “Caption this” was my favorite…although the one linking my “art” to actionkidz was right on target as well).

Here’s the thing though…I LOVE being part of a team that tries stuff like we did Sunday.  Risky Stuff.  Stuff that might totally back-fire.  Even things that make me look really silly. :-)  Because…every once in a while…hopefully more often than not…those risks will help someone understand a LIFE-CHANGING principle from scripture in a BRAND-NEW way!   That’s why we do this every week.  That’s why I can’t WAIT for you to see what we attempt next Sunday.  I’ve been practicing…


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