Stuff we’re working on- 2014 edition.


It’s a brand new year, and a great time to take stock in how things are going…what we should put even more effort into in the coming year.   In no particular order:

1.  Identify and empower people with abilities and the drive to get things done!  Even though the PowerDown initiative was “so last year” we’re going to continue to put big effort and resources into helping people who serve others both inside and outside the church become even better at it!

2. Improve our online and “swipe a card” giving experience.  After looking at this years giving reports I noticed that for the first time, “swipe a card” giving was actually larger than cash.   We know the card reader has not been the easiest thing to use…we’re going to change that…soon.  (And I can’t help but take the time to thank EVERYONE who gives…in whatever form…you truly make EVERYTHING we do possible.)

3.  Leverage, Leverage, Leverage.  Everything we have in the truck.  Everything we have in the bank.  Everything we produce.  Everyone we know.  We want to make sure that we are leveraging everything we’ve been given to the FULLEST to love God, Love people, and Take action!

4.  Staging/lighting/front of house.  DON’T expect a Kanye Kardashian show :-) …but the Christmas season reminded me that we are STILL using the same minimal set-up that we developed when we moved into Frank Theaters.  We can make it visually more appealing…and easier to view from both the “high” and “low” seating as our theater fills up this year.

That’s just a few things that I’m working on this morning.  What do YOU think we should add to the list?   You can email us here:



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