Sunday @ actionchurch


This Sunday is week three of the “Bro-CODE” series, and this week we’re going to tackle a very confusing topic: “Judging”.   What does the Bible say about judging a brother or sister in Christ?   Did Jesus really say not to judge?  Am I being judgmental if I point out that someone is doing something that is clearly sinful and harmful?   Is it actually possible to go through life “not judging”, anyway?  And, Is it really possible to have a wood beam sticking out of your eye?  Wouldn’t that be extremely painful?  Would you even notice a speck in a friends eye?  Wouldn’t you be more concerned about getting medical attention?  :-)

Sunday we’ll handle (most) of these questions…and in the meantime leave you with a story you won’t soon forget, and a brand new insight into how the whole “not judging” thing REALLY works in Christian community. We’ll also here some great music from Jake Lewis and the clergy as we continue to bless the clients of Harvest of Hope Food pantry by continuing our “Food-nado” food drive. Read all about what to bring here. actionkidz will be continuing  their “Heroes of Mega-city” Series, complete with capes and masks.  There’s really just too much going on Sunday to list…so you probably should just make plans to be there.  As always there will also be loads of yummy Maple Donuts, Muffins, Bagels, Hot Coffee, water,  and great actionchurch people to hang with.   It all starts at 10:30 am  at Frank Theaters Queensgate (Directions).

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